Advancing Inclusivity, Public Participation, and Customer Service in Nairobi County

 In a recent event convened by County Governance Watch, key officials in Nairobi County gathered to discuss crucial issues of inclusivity, public participation, and customer service. The event highlighted the county’s commitment to involving citizens in decision-making and improving services while efficiently using resources. The following issues were discussed.

Culture, Arts, and Tourism

The County administration aims to promote Nairobi’s cultural richness and tourism potential. Initiatives that are geared towards addressing this include cultural festivals, policy development, and youth engagement through mobile video studios. Plans include inaugurating the Nairobi Cultural Village and a one-stop theatre space.

Effective Customer Service

A renewed focus on Customer Service at the county focuses on empowering citizens by providing digital feedback options and improving service charters. The aim is to foster a culture of excellence and responsiveness, utilizing QR codes and voice recording machines for customer support.

Branding and New Identity

In order to revitalize Nairobi’s brand image, the county administration has a renewed focus on highlighting its rich heritage and addressing climate change through the “NaiSafisha” campaign. Visual updates of The County’s assets and environmental initiatives contribute to a modern and appealing image for Nairobi

Effective Public Participation

Through Public Participation, the County strives to involve citizens in decision-making processes. The process, however, faces challenges such as low attendance at forums and budget constraints but has allocated funds for citizen engagement and enhancing the public participation charter. Plans include organizing a forum to encourage citizens to establish service provision boroughs.

Gender, Inclusivity and Gender-Transformative Approach

Nairobi County aims to address the unique needs of different groups through an inclusive and equitable approach to governance. Efforts are made to consider gender dimensions in county services, promoting inclusivity.

Empowering citizens and addressing gender-based violence through various programs and policies is a key issue in the county. In order to address gender issues, several aspects were identified as challenges including staff shortages, inadequate equipment, requiring additional funding for gender audits, training, and policy development.

Education and Preventing Violent Extremism

County Governance Watch and Nairobi County collaborate on legislation for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (PCVE) and budgeting for resilience and youth and women’s support. The partnership emphasizes amplifying citizen voices, strengthening collaborations, and monitoring county service performance.

Education plays a crucial role in countering violent extremism, with dedicated budgets for teacher and learner sensitization. Integration of PVE into County Integrated Development and Annual Development Plans ensures sustained prevention measures.

Legislation and Public-Private Partnership

The partnership between County Governance Watch and Nairobi City County has been successful in establishing an effective public-private partnership model rooted in public participation principles. It secured dedicated budget allocations for various initiatives, including addressing gender-related issues and combating violent extremism.

Closing Remarks

The event concluded with officials emphasizing the importance of collaborative engagement and partnerships in enhancing county service delivery. They expressed confidence in fulfilling mandates and announced plans for policy development, unified work plans, and collaboration with County Governance Watch for comprehensive public participation frameworks.

In summary, Nairobi County is committed to advancing inclusivity, public participation, and customer service, and this recent event underscores its dedication to these vital aspects of good governance.