Affirmative Action Funds CEOs Roundtable on Mitigating The Threat of Violent Extremism Among The Youth. To serve the needs of vulnerable youth in Kenya, larger economic and employment issues must be addressed through the Affirmative Action Funds.



Following the high-level affirmative action funds, chief executive officers round table on mitigation of Violent Extremism among the youth held on 15th  September 2021.
The youth are the most at-risk population prone to radicalization. Further, the government of Kenya has put lots of investment in youth programs such as Youth Enterprise Development Fund, Access to Government Procurement Opportunities, Uwezo Fund among others, including at the County level. However, intake and access to such opportunities are wanting, especially given the requirements that come with such access, which deliberately exclude the youth. Most youths do not have the requisite government requirements, do not get the relevant information or access to the same, or lack requisite presence to engage with the youth, yet these opportunities could be bigger contributors to youth engagement and build towards processes that aim towards shrinking the pool of those being radicalized.
In this regard County Governance Watch hosted a one-day meeting, Friday 25th February 2022 at Four Points by Sheraton, Hurlingham, to bring together the funds officers to discuss the gaps and challenges faced in accessing the affirmative funds.


Relevant County Sector Retreat on Considerations of the PVE BILL and Youth Policy.

Round Table Sector Reflection Meeting on the Youth Policy and the PVE BILL, Process, Achievement on the Objectives, what went well, what lessons can we learn from the Launch, and moving forward how to Implement the Nairobi Youth Policy.


The Public Participation For The Nairobi Prevention of Violent Extremism Bill 2021.


Nairobi has endured numerous terrorist attacks by al-Shabaab over the last 2 decades, costing the country countless lives and profoundly impacting its people, physical infrastructure, development, and economic growth. Major attacks happened at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi in  2013, the 1998 US Embassy bombings, and the DusitD2 complex in Nairobi in 2019 claimed hundreds of lives. Certain areas within Nairobi have also become key locations for al-Shabaab recruitment and radicalization. These insecurity dynamics have compelled the Kenyan government to respond in various ways, from militarized counter-terrorism operations to the development of strategies to prevent and counter violent extremism (P/CVE) at the national and county levels. For the above reason, stakeholders have developed the  County Action Plan to Prevent and Counter Violent Extremism. The use of county-specific programs to Prevent and Counter Violent Extremism (P/CVE) in Nairobi is meant to join security, government, civil society, and citizen and community efforts to shrink the pool of individuals that are terrorist groups seek to radicalize and recruit. The Nairobi CAP is inspired and aligned with the National Strategy to Counter Violent Extremism (NSCVE). Nairobi CAP is therefore designed to advance the objectives of the NSCVE in the context of specific interventions that focus on Nairobi County. Owing to the diversity of the county, the CAP further defines specific strategies and champions’ networks that could advance actions in the various socio- geographic segments of the county. The Bill seeks to counter and stop recruitment of Youths into extremist groups; empower and give opportunities for employment to the youth in Nairobi, enhance security within the county by identifying and eradicating such groups, and provide a legislative framework for financing and allocation of budget to undertake this exercise on countering the recruitment and eradicating violent extremist groups within Nairobi.

The draft PVE Bill went through the first reading On 2/12/2021, and the Session Speaker committed the Bill to the following two committees – Education, Justice & Legal Affairs Committee. The  Public participation of the Nairobi PVE BILL  was held on Wednesday, January 19th, 2022 at the Nairobi County Assembly -Charter Hall.

Copies of the Nairobi Prevention Of Violent Extremism Bill can be accessed via:

The Launch of the Nairobi Youth Policy 2022.

The Nairobi Youth Policy gives a different approach to handling issues affecting the youth compared to the initial methods used. It advocates for youth empowerment and development. The Policy was developed in a consultative and participatory manner and in line with the constitutional requirement of citizen participation and stakeholder engagements. It makes various commitments that will have far-reaching impacts on the participation, engagement, and inclusion of Nairobi youth in its leadership, governance, and development agenda. It recommends that the County Government of Nairobi allocates at least 2% of its annual budget to the programs and activities within the department of youth to be implemented at the ward level. 

The Youth Policy Goal: To promote the holistic empowerment and participation of the youth of Nairobi in socio-economic and political spheres for the County’s development.

The Youth Policy Vision: To have a society where youth have equal and supportive opportunities to realize their fullest potential by participating in democratic, economic, social, cultural, and religious life without any hindrance.  Youth Policy Main Objective.: To mainstream youth issues in all sectors of the County development within the public-private sectors and civil society organizations.

The Youth Policy Values: The values emphasized in the policy are: Patriotism, Respect for cultural
belief systems and Ethical values, Equity and Accessibility, Gender Inclusiveness, Participation, Integrity, and Accountability. 

Youth Policy Principles: Participation: Good Governance, Gender Mainstreaming, Patriotism: Diversity: Empowerment: Equality.


1. Skills Development and Employment. The Nairobi City County Government seeks to create an enabling environment for youth in Nairobi to achieve economic self-reliance through skill development and decent employment. 

2. Enterprise Development The county government shall put in place measures to support youth enterprise development through capacity enhancement, funding, linkages, and facilitation.

 3. Health and Wellbeing The County Government of Nairobi shall develop appropriate programs to mitigate health challenges facing the youth including Sexual and Reproductive Health, Non-communicable diseases, and access to Youth Friendly Services. 

4. Environment Management for Sustainable Development The Nairobi City County Government shall ensure some mechanisms support youth engagement in the development, protection, conservation of the natural resources and environment while engaging in eco-entrepreneurship / green jobs.

 5. Patriotism and Volunteerism The County Government of Nairobi shall put in place measures that encourage patriotism by developing a Nairobi City County youth volunteerism strategy paper.

 6. Leadership, Participation, and Representation The County Government of Nairobi shall establish the Nairobi City County Youth Advisory Committee to provide advisory services to the County on youth participation and representation.

 7. Safe spaces for Youth The Nairobi City County Government shall ensure appropriate mechanisms enabling the identification, reclamation, establishment, development, and protection of safe spaces for the youth of Nairobi. 

8. Identification and Development of Talent and Creativity The Nairobi City County Government shall ensure appropriate mechanisms enabling the identification, development, showcasing, and commercialization of skills and talent in youth participating in the creative and cultural industry. 

9. ICT and Innovation The Nairobi City County Government shall put in place mechanisms to support youth innovation and engagement in ICT. 

10. Drugs and Substance Abuse. The Nairobi City County Government shall develop appropriate programs to prevent, mitigate, against drug and substance abuse, treat and rehabilitate to restore the wellbeing of youth who are affected. 

11. Crime and Peace Building. The County Government of Nairobi may work with multi-agency, families, and communities to engage the youth in promoting peace and secure crime-free neighbor-hoods

12. Radicalization and Prevention of Violent Extremism. 

13. The Nairobi City County Government shall collaborate and cooperate with National Government agencies to promote National Values and Principles and create safe spaces for use by the youth of Nairobi to address and tackle the causes of radicalization and violent extremist views to reduce the pool of radicalized youth and implement action plans and strategies on PCVE.


Awareness and Sensitization Workshop 

High-Level Forum for National and County Government Heads of Relevant Departments towards the Implementation of Nairobi County Action Plan.

Nairobi County Citizen Engagement Forum PCVE Training

Nairobi County Engagement Forum OKR & Mainstreaming Workshop

LAUNCH: Nairobi County Action Plan To Prevent & Counter Extremism


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